We provide a full range of integrated maintenance services to both the public and private sectors, covering every aspect of contemporary on-site and remote maintenance activity. We can offer our clients a totally integrated maintenance solution ensuring a complete high-quality and high-value service.

Day in, day out, our engineers maintain the services that enhance the life of our clients’ properties, ensuring all building services are operated and maintained in optimum condition, delivering a complete high quality and high value service.

Our helpdesk provides a professional call handling service every second of the day. Our operators ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our highly trained, multi-disciplined engineers provide site specific levels of service whilst adhering to rigorous health and safety standards allowing clients to focus on their core business in the knowledge that we are looking after their technical responsibilities.

Service Options to suit your needs

  • Permanent on-site expertise. Engineers dedicated to your business on a permanent basis, working as a member of your team and providing services throughout the year.
  • Shared service maintenance. Engineers dedicated to a group of customers whose individual maintenance requirements are insufficient for a fully dedicated engineer.
  • 24-hour response, maintenance and repair. Emergency response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We aim to respond within specified time limits.